How to deal with Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles you say? Maybe their name isn’t exactly the best to scare you into action, but these pests are worth looking out for, they can cause some issues. Having a straight forward name means that, yes, these beetles love carpets. Anything from rugs to soft surfaces and materials that resemble carpet, are where these beetles cause the damage. A good thing to remember about these beetles is that they have a different life cycle to us humans, they have four stages, and only love carpets during one stage.


The Stages:


-Larvae ( carpet loving stage)



Bad news is that once they get into your house they might not find a way out but they will want to get out to feed on pollen and flowers once they reach adulthood. Most of the time these beetles find their way into your house through small cracks or on the back of utensils going back and forth from outdoors to indoors. Once inside the house they will damage those carpets they cling onto, as well as other fabrics, materials and furnishings. Although they are only small little pests they can be a real nuisance and cost you money on repairs. It’s better to handle the problem at it’s firsts signs or even takes steps of prevention.


Steps of Prevention:

-Well cleaning is a major preventative measure, which luckily most people already do. However keep up regular vacuuming and steam cleaning also, this will provide the best carpet cleanliness.

– Keeping any unused clothes in vacuum seal-able storage, and regularly going through your clothes, in order to prevent any lurkers.

-You can find appropriate pesticide chemicals for this issue


However if all prevention fails and you end up finding discarded shells, or actual bugs around your living room, choose to take thorough action. You can give you house a massive clean out, which may help, but to get better results call a pest control professional.