Our native nightmare: The Possum

Have you heard the endless scurrying? Or scratching? Although we all have a deep affinity to our native Australian wildlife there are some things that can change our adoration, specifically if our native animals are causing us sleepless nights.  If you haven’t already guessed what I’m talking about, then it’s that loveable (at a distance) furry marsupial, the possum. As possums are protected by the Wildlife 1975, you can not destroy or relocate them.  The reason you are not allowed to relocate the possum is because studies have found that if possums are taken out of their natural habitat, they will become stressed, and most commonly die.

You may think that relocating them is the most human way to get rid of a possum, however this is not the case. Although there is quite large debate of the protection of the possum you still must conform to the laws in place, their are big fines if you fail to adhere. If you don’t feel confident handling this issue yourself you can always call a pest control professional.

The Ring Tail Possum

-Ring Tail Possums are not very vocal

-It is grey, with some white areas around stomach and hands, face.

-Has a long short haired tail with a white tip, which is often coiled.

-Body size is about 350mm

-Eats flowers, fruit, leaves

-Lives in trees

-Can live near to 6 years, but is often hunted by other animals and doesn’t live up to it’s expectancy


The Brush-tailed Possum

-This is your usual pest possum

– They are very furry, not like ringtail possums

-Often live in roofs of houses, and try to nest in ceilings if they can

-Are vocal and hiss

-It mostly eats leaves, but can become a bit carnivorous and eat small rats

-More widespread in population over Australia

brush tail

Preventative Measures and Control

-If you want your garden to be kept in a nice clean state, without being eaten by possums, you can create cages around your garden.

-If your happy to have the possums around your house, just not in it, then you can try building a small cubby home for them in a tree, if they have this then they may use it instead of your house. Sometimes they prefer your house though.

-Seal up all cracks around roofs, they can squirm their way into very tight places.

-A one way flap is a creation that means that possums already in your house can leave, but not return through the flap. If all other areas of the house are covered this could work brilliantly.

-Or for those who just want professional help, to trap, or just deal with possums, you can call Pest Control Lake Macquarie-SWOT Pest Services.

Possums are protected, so don’t find yourself in a rage one night and go to attack them, you can be penalised if caught. We all know that it can be an incessant pest issue with the Brush-Tailed kind, but with help, or trying new things, you can find a solution.