The Silverfish…just another bug to keep at bay.

One pest the doesn’t get much attention or flies under the radar in the pest world is the Silverfish. As it name suggests it is silver in colour. Like the termite this pest loves damp places and dark places. However it does attack your timber, instead it has it’s own unique diet of carbohydrates. It will seek out glues, paper, textiles and books. This little critter will destroy your possessions without you even catching a glance of it.


You’ll find me…

Silverfish like to reside in multiple locations in the house, going towards their most likely food sources.

-In the basement, kitchen, living room, underneath the floors and bathrooms.

I have a particular life cycle…

Silverfish are not like other insects or bugs, they have their own growth pattern.

-I have three stage life cycle, and will become an adult from a period of 3 months to 3 years.

-I moult a lot more than other insects, can be up to 30 moults per year. This means I continually moult throughout adulthood.

-My lifespan can be from 2-8 years, depending on climate and food resources.


How can you stop me?

Silverfish are very quick and small, and often you may only see the odd single Silverfish, without being able to detect where they are all coming from. The hardest part about controlling Silverfish is being able to recognise how many reside in you home and whether it constitutes the aid of a professional. In order to repel them from certain areas of the home you can use some handy items such as cinnamon sticks, basil and soap. Although these will drive the silverfish away, it won’t kill them, and they’ll possibly just relocate to another room in your house.

Additionally there also some insecticide products that can be helpful to get rid of the pests, that include different types of dusts. If nothing seems to be working and you are finding that these pests may be on their way to a full take over of the house, call upon expert help. If your living near Rockhampton, Pro Pest-Pest Management Services can use their experience to handle the issue.

In the end our home DIY efforts are never going to be able to match the resources of pest control companies.