Sub Floor Ventilation- what?

As mentioned in a previous post termites are one the biggest and most costly pest issues in the community, and preventing their attack is very important. As these bugs are attracted to damp places of your house the best thing to do is to make sure you treat the dampness. Instead of just getting rid of the termites, you need to get rid of their attraction, or they will keep coming back. One of the termite solutions provided by a pest control company is Sub Floor Ventilation.

What is it?

Sub Floor Ventilation is installing a system of duct pipes, exhaust fans and pumps in order to remove dampness from beneath your flooring. It is an essential method that extracts the damp moisture to make sure the moisture does not cause your floor area damage. If dampness is left within the floor then it can cause timber to warp, cracking, tile damage and of course termites. Luckily you can choose a company to create Sub Floor Ventilation that will suit your home,  it is not one design fits all. With all the new types of materials used in creating ventilation you also have the choice of what particular elements will make up the entire system.

It’s Benefits?

-It prevents the termite infestation- once termites decide to make your home their living area then you have to act immediately or else the problem can be extremely costly. Termites cause building erosion and repairing building structures is very expensive, especially if you continually repairing. In order to prevent termites even entering your home you need to make sure that your house is not damp in certain areas, in particular walls and floors. When there is poor ventilation through underneath your floor you will most likely inherent the dampness of the earth and soil. Sub Floor Ventilation is essential to combat this problem, Pest Stop Pest Control Blacktown can effectively install the appropriate system.

-Health-if your house has become damp then this can cause significant health risks to your family. When your house does become damp, this means humidity is high, which releases bacterial chemicals into the air. Once in the air your family will ingest the chemicals and this can cause varying health effects. Sometimes someone can become quite ill of pneumonia, or just symptoms of nausea, headaches, dizziness etc.  If you allow this damp environment to stay the same, there becomes more risk of these symptoms becoming worse.

-Protects your property- generally speaking if dampness occurs then the structure of your house is at risk of erosion. It may not be noticed for a long while before it is too late, once cracks are noticed this can be often too late to save certain walls. Eventually the erosion will devalue you house, until you put in the expense of renewing it.

So if you’re noticing a dampness within you home, or if you simply want to prevent this from happening then give a professional a call. Pest Stop Pest Control, in Blacktown, offer this service.