Ants, Ants, Ants: How To Control An Infestation

Ants are an insect that you usually see when you haven’t cleaned properly, or just outside in the dirt.  However in some cases Ants can become more then just a natural element in your backyard, they can often become pests. If they make their way into your home, that’s when you need to become more focused on getting rid of them.  There’s nothing worse then being riddled with judgement from friends or family who notice these critters in your home. In order to prevent ants and to treat ant issues you need to learn some tips about them, what products are out there, and how to act.

What is the ant and what do I use?

-Firstly you must know what type of ant you are dealing with before choosing to address the problem, there are many types. Unfortunately there are more than 1000 species of ants, which is a little deflating, and it’s often hard to properly name them. Here are ones that are monitored by the Queensland government because they are of significant risk. If you want someone with more expertise to handle your ant problem you can trust in a licensed pest control specialists.

Electric ants- also known as “little fire ant”

little fire ant


Yellow crazy ants-one of largest ant species

yellow nats


Fire ants- can cause a nasty sting

Fire Ants


-Most people use sprays to kill ants, which does work if it’s a small amount of ants you’d like to combat, not a nest.  So if you want to get rid of a nest of ants it is safer to include a baiting system that can destroy ant nests. You can buy ant bait systems from many commercial stores, and there are a lot of brands.  An ant bait system is used so that one ant or many will be attracted to the bait and carry it back to their colony.

-You can also use contact insecticides to cull the ant infestation, but you should not use it in conjunction with anything else. These usually come in spray form, or granules, aerosols etc.

-When attempting to completely get rid of all ants in a colony you must recognise the structure of an ant colony. If you don’t kill the queen ant then you won’t be affecting the rest of the colony too much. You should also destroy the queen’s workers.

Not working?

Sometimes you can use every method available to kill pests, but none seem to work. In this instance you should probably call Pest Stop Pest Control.