A not so common pest problem: The Fox

When we think of pest control we have a pretty common criteria of what type of pests we are looking at, wasp nests, rodents, termites and bug infestations. However for some people pests can be larger, more cunning, and devastating to livelihood. In more rural areas pests can be a different variety to those suburban nasties, and the methods to rid the pests have to be on a larger scale. One particular four legged, (some may say cute) carnivorous pest, is the sly fox. Yes, like in books, the fox can cause some nasty work.

The Fox

Many native animals are at risk of extinction, and the fox is major factor in killing Australian wildlife. So is the fox a more destructive pest than your termite or rodent? Perhaps this is more a matter of opinion, but most farmers would agree that the fox is major pest problem.

Why did the European Fox take over Australia?

-The European fox entered Australia during the 1800’s, and was introduced for the purpose of hunting

– Not long after it was introduced, the fox spread throughout all areas of Australia, and became a problem after the spread got out of hand.

-Now foxes are still around Victoria and other areas of Australia

Fox and damage

-One of the main problems with the Fox is that threatens native Australian fauna, because the fox is not native, it isn’t naturally suppose to co-exist with our Australian fauna.

-Some of species that are threatened by the Fox are:

  • Ground Parrot & Night Parrot
  • Mountain pygmy possum
  • Western ring-tail possum
  • Brush-tailed bettong
  • Brush-tailed rock-wallaby
  • Mulgara
  • Dusky hopping mouse
  • Eastern barred bandicoot

-These are only some of the native wildlife threatened by the Fox, it is a major predator.

Control of the Fox

– Due to the Wildlife act in Australia there are many different times in which you can use preventative and control measures toward the Fox ( for specific times you must check your state acts.

– As Foxes are large in quantity it will be impossible to get rid of the entire species, all you can do is prepare long term plans of control, which will prevent foxes at certain times of the year.

-Most common methods of getting rid of the fox:

  • You will need to bait the foxes, to attract them and you can use the 1080 poison bait (only authorised personal can buy this)
  • Fumigation of dens, you can fumigate the known dens of the fox, while cubs are inside. You will need to do this regularly to make sure they don’t come back
  • Shooting
  • Fencing



Although not many people will have to experience the fox as a pest, some will, and knowing details about how to handle the species is helpful. If you cannot use the methods above, for whatever reason, there are services that can deal with foxes directly, such as Apex Pest Services- Pest Control Pymble!