Why Rats Can Be Dangerous

Rats, you may not know it, but these creatures can cause some major trouble. Sure they may look like they’re up to no good and scare you from time to time when you least expect it, but did you know the amount of damage they can cause you and your family?

Rats are responsible for a number of diseases, including leptospirosis. By coming into contact with rat’s urine, this can cause damage to your liver and kidney. Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome is a viral disease and is transmitted by inhaling substances that contain rat urine or droppings.




As well as causing illnesses, rats are also a nuisance to the structure or homes and can be incredibly destructive. These sneaky creatures love to bite on thermal installations in attics and roam around small and confined areas.

There isn’t much that rats don’t like to chew on, from plants to wires, roof tiles and more, it’s important to keep an eye out in your home and make sure that you’re checking to see if an issue is occurring. If you notice some wire that’s been eaten, observe it closely and if it progresses, get into contact with a pest control business to ensure no further damage is done.

Rats love to chew on wires, which could be of great concern to you and your family, as this could cause a fire to breakout. Some home insurance policies have multiple exclusions, one being rodent infestation, which could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars if you’re not covered.




There is only one definitive way to ensure your home is pest free; receiving an inspection by a qualified technician, in order to be 100% sure that your home safe for you and your family.

Many pest control businesses have effective techniques they use to guarantee that the problem doesn’t return. They’re highly trained in eliminating pests and will provide you and your family with peace of mind.

For a reliable and efficient service in the Ulladulla area, contact Connells Pest Management today, or for great service in the Griffith area, call Ashton Pest Control.

Electronic Rodent Deterrent, is it a winner??

We go through many fazes of DIY pest control, creating all sorts of wonderful designs, or ideas. Most of the time we end up failing miserably, devastated our genius plan has collapsed before our eyes. Instead of creating our own traps and devices to deter the pests, there are also other products that we can look at buying. Such as devices that go with the science of electronic sound. More specifically there has been a device made for rodents, and many swear by it, or swear at it. It’s hard to decipher the actual effectiveness, but it’s definitely an interesting option.

Electronic Rodent Deterrent/ Sound Machine


How does it work?

Well there is very specific science to the working of the electronic rodent deterrent, and it’s all to do with sound frequency.  Those who have studied music or film, or media perhaps, will understand sound waves in great detail (handy if you want to fully understand what this device does). It sends out ultrasonic high frequency waves of sound that will physically hurt the ears of the rodents, leaving them with nothing to do but run. However humans cannot hear the sound because we can only hear up to a certain frequency, which this sound does not fit into. Such as device is suppose to keep the rodents away for good, but there is strong opinion that in fact it does not.

You can also get similar devices that let off both ultrasonic waves with electrosonic waves, with this device it uses the benefit of your houses wiring to send out signals. So in turn it keeps the walls and area around covered.

It is plugged into your power point in order to work.

Is it safe?

Well, to humans, it is safe. However there is speculation surrounding how safe this device can be around pets, despite creators saying that it is safe. Many people have complained that they notice discomfort in their pets, but others are just not quite sold that such a sound could not hurt an animal, if it does this to rodents. If you are sceptical about the science behind the device, then probably best not to use them if you have pets, it will only cause you worry.

Are you convinced?

Well for those desperate for a pest control solution to rodents you may think about giving this a go, however it’s not worth the risk for those with pets. With all the criticism that the device has copped, including it not working at all, it’s not hard to see why they aren’t plugged in to every house. Maybe it’s best you do the research first before buying into this device, however the more you research the more you become paranoid, or so it seems.

If you have a rodent infestation and want a fail safe method of control, maybe it’s best you talk with some professionals. In some cases you need to call on pest control experts to eliminate the rodents. If you’re living in Toowoomba then maybe you can buzz Toowoomba Pest Control-Action Pest Services.

rodent repller

It’s really up to you what you want to do, but this device is something on the market that claims rodent control.

Why rodents are best kept away…

Yes, one of the most common and annoying pest issues are our lovely rodent friends.  Although in most cases you only ever see mice or rats on the odd occasion at certain times of the year, sometimes you can’t get rid of the constant scampering.  Even if you own a nice predatory cat, you are still going to become very aware if you have a rodent problem. Usually you find out the hard way, when you cat accidentally leaves parts of the rodent in you house.  Even though there is usually no immediate harm of a few mice, apart from them eating your food, and creating bad hygiene, you should  still get on top of things before they take over. 

We all the know the embarrassment when we have our nice posh dinner plates out for a lovely tea with friends, then suddenly someone screams. You get this embarrassing chill come over you when you hear the words “mouse”. It’d be nice to think we are all extremely hygienic and would never have mice in our house, but unfortunately this reality is a bit distorted. 

What are the risks of rodents, apart from embarrassment?



– Fleas! Yes these little buggers can hitch a ride on your family pet, but also rodents.

-Damage to your house can often occur, not usually as bad as termites, but certainly enough to create unecessary costs. Especially if ignored.

-A common one is when the pests get to electrical cables, that is a common, and costly situation. You’ll be needing to call the electrician as well as the pest control company.

-Food wastage (due to your constant throwing out of rodent infested food). Also the droppings of rodents aren’t usually great when placed in or next to your food.

If you think you have a rodent problem that’s beyond a few rat traps or poisons, then there are always professional services such as pest control in Turramurra that can help you out. However if you keep on top of regular cleaning and trapping, then you’ll be pretty unlucky to have a major rodent infestation.