Electronic Rodent Deterrent, is it a winner??

We go through many fazes of DIY pest control, creating all sorts of wonderful designs, or ideas. Most of the time we end up failing miserably, devastated our genius plan has collapsed before our eyes. Instead of creating our own traps and devices to deter the pests, there are also other products that we can look at buying. Such as devices that go with the science of electronic sound. More specifically there has been a device made for rodents, and many swear by it, or swear at it. It’s hard to decipher the actual effectiveness, but it’s definitely an interesting option.

Electronic Rodent Deterrent/ Sound Machine


How does it work?

Well there is very specific science to the working of the electronic rodent deterrent, and it’s all to do with sound frequency.  Those who have studied music or film, or media perhaps, will understand sound waves in great detail (handy if you want to fully understand what this device does). It sends out ultrasonic high frequency waves of sound that will physically hurt the ears of the rodents, leaving them with nothing to do but run. However humans cannot hear the sound because we can only hear up to a certain frequency, which this sound does not fit into. Such as device is suppose to keep the rodents away for good, but there is strong opinion that in fact it does not.

You can also get similar devices that let off both ultrasonic waves with electrosonic waves, with this device it uses the benefit of your houses wiring to send out signals. So in turn it keeps the walls and area around covered.

It is plugged into your power point in order to work.

Is it safe?

Well, to humans, it is safe. However there is speculation surrounding how safe this device can be around pets, despite creators saying that it is safe. Many people have complained that they notice discomfort in their pets, but others are just not quite sold that such a sound could not hurt an animal, if it does this to rodents. If you are sceptical about the science behind the device, then probably best not to use them if you have pets, it will only cause you worry.

Are you convinced?

Well for those desperate for a pest control solution to rodents you may think about giving this a go, however it’s not worth the risk for those with pets. With all the criticism that the device has copped, including it not working at all, it’s not hard to see why they aren’t plugged in to every house. Maybe it’s best you do the research first before buying into this device, however the more you research the more you become paranoid, or so it seems.

If you have a rodent infestation and want a fail safe method of control, maybe it’s best you talk with some professionals. In some cases you need to call on pest control experts to eliminate the rodents. If you’re living in Toowoomba then maybe you can buzz Toowoomba Pest Control-Action Pest Services.

rodent repller

It’s really up to you what you want to do, but this device is something on the market that claims rodent control.

The Pesticide Issue

Have you often worried that perhaps you went a little too far with your spray or chemicals? Perhaps you just become frightened and wanted a quick solution. Or maybe you believe that pests are meant to be destroyed in the most effective way possible? Whatever your stance may be on this subject, it’s a debate that has people divided.  Do you use pesticide? Or are you someone who likes to look at natural solutions before administering a pesticide?

Definition of a Pesticide: A pesticide is a broad category that includes herbicides, insecticides, fungicides or rodenticides. All of these are the strongest means of getting rid of your relative problems.

However it is warned that using any of these unnecessarily or in the wrong amount,  it comes with certain dangers.  You could end up creating a worse problem, or nothing could happen at all. Exposing yourself to these substances without proper merit can be dangerous to your health. Not too mention the environmental damage they can cause.

Health Issues:

Depending on how the poison is ingested and how much, will determine the affects on your health. As a human you are at risk of being poisoned by the chemicals contained in the pesticides, and the severity will vary depending on toxicity. Most of the symptoms are quite normal of any type of poisoning, or even a virus, which makes it more impossible to tell whether it’s due to the pesticide. 

Symptoms can include diarrhea, vomiting, headaches and dizziness. As you can see it’s not out of the ordinary, but if these symptoms are recurring then this will be a constant illness. Or in the worst cases you can experience lifelong memory issues, muscle soreness and chronic fatigue. All these have certified links with overusing or using pesticides.

All pesticides are ranked on their Toxicity level in order to help all users determine what sort of pesticides will be safe to use in your own environment.  If you have children or pets you will be looking for pesticides that won’t put these precious beings in danger.  What also helps in accordance with the toxicity level is the label warnings, you know the ones, : Keep out of reach of children, Caution, Poison, Dangerous Poison.


Should I not use pesticides then?

Well, it’s really up the individual. However it is safer to look at all options and get a thorough inspection of what exactly your pest problem is, before using something of a chemical nature. It’s not going to harm you if you use it in it’s intended manner, and with professional advice, or help.

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